What Book of the Bible Should I Read?

What Book of the Bible Should I Read?

The perfect book of the Bible contains many intriguing tales and profound wisdom. If you are unsure what book of the bible should I read, we have some options for you.

There’s a Bible book for everyone, whether you crave romance like Ruth, adventure like Exodus, or wisdom like Proverbs. You can find strong female leads in Esther, or gripping suspense in Revelation.

The Bible’s rich tapestry of narratives and genres can change lives. Here’s my light-hearted guide to picking your next Bible read. 

Quick Guide to Choosing Which Book of the Bible Should I Read 

Each book presents a unique flavor, making it suitable for different preferences and interests. Find the best biblical books below to match your reading appetite.

1. Ruth

Ruth is a sweet romantic story that you’ll love reading on the couch with a glass of milk! This book tells a story of love and loyalty. 

2. James

If you’ve ever enjoyed the problem pages in magazines, you’ll enjoy James. This episode gives practical advice on navigating life’s challenges. 

James writes directly and straightforwardly about faith, wisdom, and social justice. Its timeless teachings offer insight and understanding into contemporary issues.

3. Esther

Esther is a great book for readers who like strong female leads. It’s the story of a Jewish queen who saves her people in a gripping tale. It shows courage and cunning in the face of danger. 

4. Nehemiah

If you watch home improvement programs such as Grand Designs, then you should read Nehemiah. It speaks to readers who strive to overcome obstacles and fulfill God-given visions.

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5. Judges

The book of Judges is a great read if you love gore and violence. It offers a raw portrayal of ancient Israel’s tumultuous history for those intrigued by darker narratives. 

6. Revelation

You may enjoy reading Revelation if you like stories about the future. The book inspires readers to contemplate the ultimate truths of the end times and spiritual warfare.

7. Psalms

Pick up Psalms in the middle (a little left) if you prefer poetry. This is a beloved collection of poetic expressions—songs of joy, sorrow, and worship. Its emotional depth and lyrical beauty resonate with readers seeking spiritual connection.

8. Ecclesiastes

If your poetry is more emotional, Ecclesiastes is for you. This book invites readers to ponder life’s complexities and experience wisdom.

9. Exodus

Those who love adventure will love Exodus. The book recounts the journey of the Israelites as they escape slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses. 

10. Leviticus

Leviticus is a great book for those interested in rules and law. There is a great deal of holiness and morality. The pursuit of righteousness is illuminated by its insights and timeless moral values.

11. Genesis

Those who love family history should start with Genesis. It explores the origins of humanity, faith, and lineage with compelling family histories. 

12. 1 Samuel

Those who enjoy underdog stories will enjoy 1 Samuel. The story of David in 1 Samuel highlights themes of courage and divine providence. 

13. Proverbs

The Proverbs provide concise and practical wisdom for everyday living. These aphorisms encourage readers to behave in righteous, diligent, and humble ways.

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14. Daniel

Daniel is the perfect thriller for those who enjoy intense, edge-of-your-seat action. It is a thrilling tale of survival and divine intervention amidst adversity, filled with prophecy.

15. The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)

Finally, the Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—present the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These transformative narratives challenge and change lives, offering hope, redemption, and eternal truth.

What Bible Should I Read As a Beginner?

If you are a beginner, the New International Version (NIV) or the English Standard Version (ESV) are good translations to start with. These versions are written in contemporary language and are easier to understand for newcomers.

What Book of the Bible Should I Read to Get Closer to God?

The book of Psalms is excellent for drawing closer to God. Many people seeking to connect with God can relate to its heartfelt prayers, praises, and honest emotions.

What Book of the Bible Should I Read for Guidance?

Proverbs is a great choice for seeking guidance. A practical guide to making wise decisions, living righteously, and understanding the consequences of our actions.

What Book of the Bible Should I Read for Anxiety and Depression?

Philippians offers comforting words and encouragement for dealing with anxiety. A message of rejoicing in the Lord and finding peace through prayer can be particularly comforting.

The Gospel of Matthew is a good option when feeling depressed. It highlights Jesus’ teachings on hope, God’s care for us, and the promise of His presence even in difficult times.

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