UNC Acceptance Rate, Requirements and Tips

UNC acceptance rate?

According to a thorough analysis, UNC acceptance rate was 23.9% in the year of 2023.

The University of North Carolina or UNC at Chapel Hill has a thorough admissions policy.  Students with an ACT score of 28–33 or a SAT score of 1350–1510 receive admission to the University.

However, many candidates wonder how to apply to UNC and why does it seem so difficult to get into this university? This article will address all of your concerns and offer advice on how to get admission into UNC.

UNC Acceptance Rate In 2023

It is no wonder why many high school students choose UNC University, thanks to its respected establishment, excellent academic offerings, and large, welcoming campus. Students should take time to show themselves as a solid applicant, considering how popular it is.

In 2022, 16.8% of candidates got accepted into UNC, with 43.1 percent of applicants from North Carolina and 8.2 percent of applicants from outside the state. However, the rate of acceptance rose.

In 2023, it has increased to 23.9%, while 44% of in-state candidates got approval and the acceptance rate for students from out of state has been 28.9%.

The acceptance rate of UNC has got higher but it looks really low. In general, 23 out of 100 applications receive approval. This indicates that the school has a high standard of selection. You have a good chance of getting in if the GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other application standards are acceptable by UNC.

Even if you meet all other admissions requirements, the chances of acceptance get low if the GPA or SAT/ACT scores are below par. So what are the requirements to get into UNC? You’ll get to know about them in the next section of the article.

Requirements to Get into UNC at Chapel Hill in 2023

The admissions procedure at Chapel Hill’s UNC is extremely difficult. The most competitive applicants for admission are the top 23% of high school graduates with an ACT composite score of 28 or an SAT score of at least 1200.

Also, the other requirements are:

  • Minimum GPA 4.39
  • A completed Common Application or Coalition Application, which includes a 650-word personal essay
  • Your Extracurricular Activity Summary in an Activity List
  • Two short answer essays selected from a set of four questions
  • Four responses that fill in the blanks
  • Your official academic record and report card
  • A recommendation letter from a subject field authority who instructed you in a required high school course
  • Any courses you have already completed at a college or university
  • An Annual Report
  • An application fee of $85.

It is worth mentionin, 74% of first-year students of UNC, enrolling in 2022–2023 came from the top 10% and 92% were in the top 20%. 12% of first-year students were salutatorian or valedictorian from their graduating class, and 42% were in the top ten.

It is important to know how the SAT Reasoning Test is rated. Sat reasoning consists of two portions, each of which is graded from 200 to 800.

Section on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: This portion examines your ability to understand academic texts, interpret and analyze data presented in tabular and graphical form, and write a brief essay that presents a point of view on a certain topic.

Math Section: Your capacity for mathematical reasoning, data analysis, and problem-solving receives an evaluation in this section.

This section contains multiple-choice questions covering concepts covered in elementary and middle school mathematics courses, such as fractions, decimals, percentages, and averages.

Also, it includes grid-in, which requires you to answer in a rectangular grid.

UNC Acceptance Rate of Transfer Students in 2023

Many applicants from other universities or other countries make a sincere effort to get into UNC each year. In 2023, 23% of transfer students received admission.

Now, what are the requirements for transfer students to get into UNC?

The requirements are given below:

  • A high school diploma or have completed coursework in a related subject
  • Must complete at least 24 semester hours of college-level coursework at a reputed college or university with grades of C or above to be eligible for transfer admission to UNC.
  • Fill out the online application for undergraduate admissions completely, making sure to pay the nonrefundable application cost.
  • The minimum GPA requirement for all planned college coursework is 2.5 (or 2.75 if you attended other schools while attending UNC).
  • Candidates must complete at least 30 semester hours of transferable academic credit before fall admission at UNC.
  • Students need to finish 12 semester hours.

UNC approximately enrolls more than 2,500 international students each year. So, what are you waiting for? You can be the next student at UNC.

November 28, 2023, is the deadline for Fall 2024 admissions.

What Does the UNC Want in Your Application?

While choosing new students for admission, UNC-Chapel Hill takes into account several significant standards, including the difficulty of the high school coursework, essays, and test results.

Also, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, talent or ability, character or personal qualities, and state residency are some other important factors. If you are from North Carolina, that would be a great advantage for you to get into UNC.

If you have been connected with volunteer work, paid work experience, class rank, and GPA, you are asked to add these experiences to your application. 

These factors will judge your personality, and how good and hardworking you are to face any challenge in the future. 

An applicant’s personality, writing style, and likelihood of admission to the university are all shown in these documents. Here, it’s important to know a candidate’s history and experiences, including any challenges they may have had and overcome.

Interestingly, of all students, 18% will graduate from college for the first time in their family, and 37% are eligible for need-based assistance. According to the study, the class of 2021-2022 took 213 students from a high school partner of Carolina College Advising Corps. It is a public program of the university that aims to boost the percentage of low-income, first-generation, and other minorities who attend college.

The Most Popular Majors At UNC

Let’s get to know which are among the most popular majors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • Social Sciences: 23 Graduates
  • Nursing: 782 Graduates
  • Biology: 193 Graduates
  • Psychology: 245 Graduates
  • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs: 210 Graduates
  • Computer Science: 85 Graduates
  • Business: 689 Graduates
  • Statistics and Mathematics: 29 Graduates
  • Cinematography and Video Production: 95 Graduates

UNC Acceptance Rate: FAQs

What is the acceptance rate for UNC 2023 out-of-state?

For out-of-state candidates, UNC’s acceptance rate in 2023 has been 10.5%.

What GPA do you need to get into UNC?

UNC needs you to be with a GPA of 4.39. To stand out with other applicants, almost all of your classes must be completed with A’s. To demonstrate ability for academic difficulty, you had to have taken a significant number of AP or IB classes.

Is UNC 100% need-based?

Student financial aid options available at UNC include work-study, need- and academic-based scholarships. For quite some time, Carolina has been one of just two public colleges in the country to provide full funding to all eligible students who can establish their needs.

Does UNC require SAT 2024?

For applicants seeking admission in the autumn of 2024, the UNC System has eliminated the need for the SAT or ACT.

Does UNC give scholarships to international students?

The International Student and Scholar Office grants two scholarships annually in appreciation of the contributions that international students make to the UNC Charlotte campus community.

How much is UNC tuition fee?

Students (2023-24) who are from in-state, they have to pay $8,998-tuition fee.

How much is UNC tuition for international students?

International and out-of-state students at UNC Chapel Hill pay the same tuition. Without any financial aid or scholarships, international students at UNC at Chapel Hill pay about $39,338 annually.

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