University of Michigan Acceptance Rate in 2023: Requirements and Tips

University of Michigan acceptance rate

Studies indicate, that in 2023, the University of Michigan acceptance rate is only 18%.

The University of Michigan is frequently ranked first among elite universities in the United States. Not every applicant can fulfill the eligibility requirements. It is understandable when you discover that out of 100 applicants, 23 get accepted on average.

But, how can one get into the University of Michigan? What to keep in mind in such a case? No worries, this article will help you find all the answers, so keep reading the full article.

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate in 2023

One of the top research universities in the country, the University of Michigan is renowned for its ground-breaking findings and contributions to a wide range of disciplines, including the social sciences, engineering, healthcare, and technology.

Due to an increase in applications, the University of Michigan’s acceptance rate has decreased. In 2023, we have found 18% acceptance rate. And in 2021 and 2022, the acceptance rates were higher at 20.2% and 22.9%, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the acceptance rate helps the candidates evaluate their chances of admission and choose their application location with knowledge by comparing acceptance rates among colleges.

Also, applicants have a good chance of getting in if they can achieve the University of Michigan’s requirements for GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other application requirements.

The University of Michigan Acceptance Requirements 2023

About 51,225 students took courses in the University of Michigan’s current Fall semester, among them 32,695 were undergraduates and 7,050 were first-year students. Now, the question is how did they get into the University of Michigan? What does the university require for the undergraduate and graduate applicants?

The general requirements are given below:

For Undergraduates:

  • 3.5 to 3.8/4.0 (95%) GPA
  • TOEFL Score: With section scores of 23+ in listening and reading and 21+ in speaking and writing in the range of 100.
  • 1440-1540 in SAT
  • 32-34 in ACT

For Graduates:

  • Average 3.6-3.8 GPA
  • 310 -330 in GRE (For applicants from a Science background)
  • 720 in GMAT (For applicants from a Business background)
  • 171 in LSAT (Median) (For applicants from Arts background)

Moreover, applicants need to submit

  • A finished Common Application or Coalition Application, along with the University of Michigan additional essays
  • One 300-word essay about a community the applicant is a part of; one 550-word essay explaining the applicant’s motivation to attend the University of Michigan
  • Transcript of the official high school record
  • The recommendation from a counselor or the school report (Common App) (Coalition App)
  • Teacher’s Reference

Read the requirements from the University’s Website.

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate for International Students in 2023

In all, 3,077 students from more than 130 countries attended the institution in the summer session of 2023. About 20% of international applicants receive acceptance to the University of Michigan.

The deadline for admission to the University of Michigan varies depending on the program, institution, or school. International students at Michigan have access to more than 130 undergraduate and over 130 graduate programs to select from.

The deadline for international freshmen applications is January 15, 2024.

In terms of ethnic identity, the current university undergraduate student body is divided as follows:

Asian American: 17%

Hispanic: 7%

African American: 4%

Caucasian: 53%

More than one Race: 5%

Things that University of Michigan is Looking for In Your Application?

Through a complete evaluation of applicants, the University of Michigan’s admissions system is complete, instead of focusing on a single aspect like test scores or grades.

Varieties of qualities are taken into account, such as extracurricular activity, leadership experience, academic achievement, and character qualities. Applicants with a desire to make a positive influence on their communities and a display of intellectual curiosity are what hiring managers look for in a solid candidate.

The University of Michigan additionally weighs the recommendation letters and essays from the applicants.

These documents shed light on an applicant’s character, creativity in writing, and chances of getting into the university. The background and experiences of a candidate, including any difficulties they may have encountered and overcome, are important here.

Overall, the University of Michigan looks for the best qualities in applicants before accepting them to get the greatest results possible from them.

Some Tips to Get into the University of Michigan

An appealing high school student might apply to the University of Michigan in several ways to increase their chances of acceptance.

You can make specific choices to put yourself in the best possible position to submit a profile that highlights your unique story and gives you the highest scores possible on a number of the University of Michigan’s requirements:

  1. Try to take the most difficult subject in high school and complete that with an excellent result.
  2. Acquire good hobbies and passions that define a good future, for instance, playing football. The University of Michigan boasts a competitive football squad.
  3. Work on meaningful challenges in your social, professional, and intellectual areas.
  4. Try to be creative in writing, and presentation.
  5. Make good connections with intellectual personalities, and teachers who can recommend you.
  6. Make contact with the admissions officers from the University of Michigan who are in your area or school and ask them necessary, detailed questions regarding how your profile fits the university.

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate: FAQs

Is the SAT required for the University of Michigan?

Students may choose not to have their SAT or ACT results taken into account when the University of Michigan evaluates their application, even if they have the option to take them. Applicants don’t need to report scores; the process will honor that choice. What is the rank of SDSU in 2023?

Is the University of Michigan public or private?

The University of Michigan (U-M) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a public university. The university is famous for its leadership in higher education and it is one of the top public research universities in the country.

Does the University of Michigan need a GRE?

GRE results can be part of your complete PhD application. Except that, it is not mandatory to add a GRE score to the application.

Is a 3.5 GPA good for the University of Michigan?

The GPA of new students requires typically 3.5. Still, the university accepts applications with a wide range of GPAs because each one is examined separately and evaluated according to several criteria, such as:

  • Earning a bachelor’s degree in the United States or its equivalent,
  • A record of study from an undergraduate liberal arts perspective.

What are the most popular majors at the University of Michigan?

Mechanical Engineering; Behavioral Neuroscience; General Economics; Business Administration and Management; and Computer and Information Sciences are some of the most popular majors in the University of Michigan. 97% is the typical freshman retention rate, which is a measure of student happiness.

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